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R&B Crooner Quinton Storm is back and better than ever with his latest single ‘Patience‘. The Florida native who has truly made a name for himself in entertainment is a 5x Billboard charting singer/songwriter/actor/model who we have watched grown into star. The hitmaker who sites Michael Jackson, TLC, Aaliyah, Missy Elliott & Usher as his earlier influences is seriously following in their footsteps and well on his way to becoming a household name. As the rising star made a name for himself in LA aka the big city of dreams, he decided to shift gears and move to Dallas for the birth of his son, but little did Quinton know that within a short period of time, the world would be turned upside down due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Now during the pandemic while most artist were struggling to figure things out this charismatic singer was slowly but surely making his mark in more ways than one.

In 2020 he dropped his single ‘Caution‘ which really made some noise as it rose up the charts across streaming platforms, but that was the beginning of his takeover. In 2021 Quinton continued to be one of the faces of Fashion Nova Men as one of there most sought out models/influencers which kept his face everywhere as he delivered his next buzz worthy single ‘Can You Feel Me‘. Now As he continued to heat the airwaves up, his first feature film ‘Gangland‘ premiered on STARZ to much fanfare as he shined on screen alongside Tamar Braxton, Marcus Paulk, Clifton Powell, Willie Taylor and more. Quinton’s star power just continued to shine as he brought his talents to the big screen so it only made sense that he kept the momentum going with new music. While at home the r&b heartthrob was able to lay down some scratch vocals, but ultimately he had to get back in the studio with his team to work on his next record.

Within time Quinton made his way down to Atlanta to get back with his crew to work on more records for his highly anticipated project. So it was a no brainer when he first head the beat for what would become ‘Patience’ as he hit the studio with producers Jay Uncut & soundsfromIKEY. Now with help from fellow co-writer GoTo it was a hit in the making as they put the record together within a few hours. But although the song was mostly done, something was still missing and Quinton knew exactly what was needed. He enlisted help from David Starks to put the final touch on the record as he added the Talk Box to the record which was the sound that Quinton was ultimately going for. His love for the New Jack Swing era was his inspiration for the record as he wanted to bridge his sound with the classic era to make what he calls New Trap Swing.

Well today the record is finally here and with no outside help from a major label beyond his growing fan base, Quinton has once again made a splash on the charts. Within hours the song has hit #24 on the Top 200 of R&B on iTunes and #161 in the top 200 of all genres. Now this should come as no surprise, but this is just proof that r&b isn’t dead and Quinton Storm has just the right recipe for what is sure to be another smash in heavy rotation this summer. Listen to & download his new single mixed and mastered by Yonni which is now available on all music streaming platforms via his partnership with Anahata Music & Twenty Two Recordings. Get into the track which is just a taste of so much more to come from the rising star who is ready to take center stage in the spotlight.

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