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Rising star Amarijit is slowing but surely making a name for himself at the tender age of 14. The skillful & charismatic rapper has truly been putting in work over the last year and the proof is truly in the music. The Queens,NY native has only been rapping for a little over 2 and a half years but the world would never know it after first listen. Now most kids at this age would definitely be more concerned with just playing video games, hanging out and hopping on social media but there’s so much more to this kid. While most of his peers are hanging out, the young musician can be found putting in work in the studio to perfect his craft. His supportive father has truly been a big apart of this journey which has allowed him to express himself opening and freely through his art and man does it show.

In 2020 when the world shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Ethan aka Amarijit turned to music when things were uncertain for most. As he listened to some of his favorite underground rappers including Tana, Slump6s, SoFaygo, Yung Fazo & Sgpwes during his down time at home, he really became inspired to create his own music. Their music really motivated him to put the pen to the paper and lay down some rough ideas via his Iphone which was truly the beginning of something special. Within time the young emceee really started to get the hang of putting songs together as he teamed up with fellow artist to create some track which would he roll out via his SoundCloud just to test the waters. Slowly but surely his tracks began to catch the attention of listeners online, which only made him want to give them more of what he’s been working on.

In over a years time the stylish rapper who sites Tana as one of his inspirations, truly began to follow in the breakout rap stars footsteps and independently began to release his own music on streaming platforms. In the past few months he dropped buzz worthy tracks ‘Danger Zone’, ‘Pacct’ and ‘FixMyself’ which began to pick up some steam online which was a true indication of how the rising star was ready to heat the summer up. Now although he’s in school and loves to play sports with his friends, he constantly is working on his craft which is only sharpening his skills on and off the mic. So while most kids are preparing for the school year to end, the triple threat was slowly cooking up heat with producer Corey Cutz for what was sure to be his bet work to date. In a months time Amarijit recorded his first full length EP ‘Set In Stone’ which is almost unheard of for a 14 year old to do solely on his own without the help of a major label and just the support of his dad. He mentioned the project title was to let people know that it’s set in stone that music was always gonna be a part of his life, and the 5 tracks really embody the different styles of music that he listens to. For Amarijit music is all or nothing.

The witty & clever lyricist really put his all into the project which honestly sounds like the work of seasoned artist. Upon listening to the 5 track EP, you would never believe that he only has 2 years of actual rapping under his belt, but at first listen you can immediately tell that his talent is just undeniable. While recording the project at the legendary Quad Studios in Times Square, the engineer in the session was truly amazed at how skilled and professional Amarijit was behind the booth. The gifted emceee got behind the booth and new how he wanted to execute the record and gave directions as if he’s been doing this his whole life. Now if you don’t believe me listen to the project yourself and you will see how versatile this kid really is. He purposely set out to make each song sound different so his audience can see his versatility and love for different styles and genres of music. A fan favorite track already is ‘She Wan Mi Love’, which is the perfect blend of Afro Beatz and Soca from the Trini talent who really tapped into the sound inspired by some of his favorite acts including Burna Boy, Rema and Wiz Kid. Honestly with a debut EP this solid, I’m convinced that only the best is yet to come from the rising star who is for sure ready to shine in the spotlight as he continues to heat the airwaves up. Listen to & download ‘Set In Stone‘ below now available on all music streaming platforms.

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