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In entertainment it’s easy to spot a familiar face and not necessarily remember where you first seen someone, but what you can’t forget is their presence on camera. This has to be the case for rising star Camari Brown, because I guarantee after witnessing his gift on and off the screen you will for sure have a reason to remember him. The Cleveland, Ohio native always knew that acting was going to play a big part in his life but I’m not sure how if he knew how far it would take him on his journey. As a kid he truly loved films and would quote lines from films he watched over and over like ‘Robocop’. Growing up Camari was just naturally funny but watching comedians like Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Jamie Foxx, Steve Harvey and The Wayans Brothers truly inspired him but he never really had an outlet to pursue his natural talent. It would be years later before Camari took his talents to the stage staring as a lead in play, but that one experience was all it took for him to take his career more serious. He decided to take acting classes and even landed a minor role in another stage play ‘Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys?’ along with Clifton Powell, Leon, Drew Sidora and Terrell Carter. Within time the rising star knew for him to truly take his career to the next level, he would have to make a big change and leave everything he knew behind and move to NYC.

For some this move could be scary but it could also be life changing, so with no connects or friends in sight in the big city he made the trip with the money he saved up and began his new journey. Renting rooms and hustling for many is just the normal when on the grind in New York but as Camari navigated through the city that never sleeps, he slowly but surely started to make his way as an actor. Now of course work didn’t come easy and he held onto to side gigs working once again with New York Life Insurance to make ends meet but starting with background work was how many in this business got their first big break. Camari began to work with actor/coach Marc John Jeffries to take his craft to the next level. Within time he landed his first major commercial which gave him the encouragement he needed to continue his pursuit of becoming an actor. Now while booking a few more gigs over time, Camari was casted on the OWN series ‘Checked Inn‘ which is actually where many of his fans were first introduced to him as the maintenance man on tv. His comedic and charismatic charm on the show clearly made him a standout on the series which truly proved that he had what it takes to shine on the big screen.

As a working actor Camari slowly but surely started to grow a familiar fan base as he continued to book gigs starring in commercials for major brands and companies including Amazon Fire TV, LG Gram, Kiehls, Dish Network, LL Bean, Mediacom, Met-rx and Netflix’s ‘Okja’. He even co-starred in breakout star H.E.R’s video for Academy Award winning song ‘Fight For You’. Now commercials and videos is one thing but booking roles on major prime time shows isn’t easy and as he continued to perfect his craft, his gift landed him guest starring roles on hit tv series including ‘Law & Order SVU’, ’Blue Bloods’, ’The Blacklist’, ‘Crime Stoppers Case Files’ and ‘Deadline : Crime with Tamron Hall’. His range as an actor has allowed him to showcase his dramatic and comedic side in multiple roles but his personality truly shines when he’s on the stage as a comic. His comedic timing and stand up routines has made him a better actor in every way possible but it’s also opened up doors for him as a host and tv personality. Camari truly shines on stage as a comedian, it’s where he most feels free and can be his true self. As a kid watching the greats on tv and shows like Comic View, he knew that the stage is truly where he would come alive. Some of his best work is done on stage as he performs in countless comedy clubs all over the city which has led to his own residency at the LOL Comedy Club. At any give time you can catch him performing there or at Broadway Comedy Club if he’s not producing his own content. In the height of the pandemic his skills as an actor/comedian led to him hosting ‘Say What?’ on Applause Network TV via Roku, which was the perfect amount of comedy relief for their growing audience when the world most definitely needed it. His diverse talents in producing, directing and writing showcased during their ‘Thugtastic’ comedy skits continued to open up doors for him as their partnership steadily grows.

Now most would think the multi faceted rising star would only lend his talents to entertainment, but not this hustler. As a successful host of Air Bnb and with Turo, his entrepreneurial and business savvy marketing skills have led to his latest venture into the world of trivia card games. During the pandemic he took the time to create and develop Hood Movie Trivia which was a passion project for him due to his love of classic & iconic films in black pop culture. He sat with the idea and watched over 25 films and with the help of his family came up with the concept of multiple choice questions to some of our favorite films including ‘Menace II Society’, ‘Boyz In The Hood’, ‘The Players Club’, ’ATL’, ‘Baby Boy’, ‘Belly’, ‘Juice’ ‘New Jack City’, ‘Shottas’, ‘Paid In Full’ and ‘South Central’. In just a years time with help from his team he developed the game, found a manufacturer and now the game is HERE and available NOW just in time for the holiday season to enjoy with your loved ones. This stocking stuffer is the perfect gift to give and for only $20 it is sure to be a hit at any family function or gathering. With this new game, commercials and upcoming projects on the horizon it’s truly clear to see why Camari Brown is definitely one to watch. Check out some his work below as this is just the beginning of so much more from this star on the rise.

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Camari’s TV work from Jennifer Brito on Vimeo.



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