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Rising star Laban King is finally ready to step into the spotlight with his long awaited debut project. The Detroit native was literally born into music growing up in the city of Motown, where his earliest memories of music consisted of listening to some of the classic artist who came out of the city via his parents who constantly played their catalog of timeless hits at home. Home wasn’t the only place we’re music was instilled in him, as his family were heavily involved in church where he would consistently hear some of the greatest voices in Gospel while attending Greater Grace Temple. Powerhouse voices like Fred Hammond & Byron Cage filled his church while Aretha Franklin, Vanessa Bell Armstrong and others would visit from time to time on any given Sunday, while just down the street the legendary Clark Sisters were singing the heavens down to earth. So i think it’s clear where his love and passion for music came from but that was just a small part of his inspiration.

As a child attending Gesu Catholic School he was surrounded by other talented kids including the late and great Aaliyah, who he cheered on as she started to pursue her career of music at a very early age. Now of course performing with his church choir, school plays and joining the Mosaic Youth Theatre was all a part of his journey as a performer, but it would be years before he truly got his foot in the door of this crazy world in entertainment. His days apart of the program was documented in a Emmy Award winning documentary ‘And They Flew: The Story of Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit’ which was all the momentum he needed to go after his dreams. While in college he started a singing group called Black Capella but the performance side wasn’t his only way into getting into the business. He became a college marketing rep for Arista records which opened up the doors for him to learn more of the in and outs of marketing in the music business. Upon graduating from
the University of Michigan it was understood that Laban would attend Law School, but his heart was truly not into it. It was clear that his passion for music was leading him to where he truly needed to be in NYC. The aspiring artist packed his bags and with only $150 to his name in hopes of making things happen.

Within the first week of moving to NYC he hit the ground running and picked up an internship that fast working with hitmaker Ryan Leslie. Now although this experience was priceless as he able to work alongside some of musics biggest stars, it still didn’t pay the bills so Laban still had to take regular jobs to make ends meet, but just as things seemed like they were going to pick up he had to return home to take care of his ill father, the man who fully supported his passion for music. Unfortunately as an artist there are times when many feel defeated and decide to push things behind but while Laban returned home he decided to release music via MySpace on his bday and shockingly it actually picked up steam receiving attention on blogs which slowly but surely helped to bring in a growing fan base. With this time of movement, one would think an artist would continue to go full speed ahead but over time Laban decided to take things in a different direction pursuing other goals in finance and politics. Sometimes an artist might step away from their craft to find success in other areas, but Laban’s passion for music truly never died so his return to music was never far behind.

Many would say the pandemic shutting the world down was a major loss for so many and rightfully so, but not for this artist. This time in quarantine while living in Atlanta allowed him to regroup and give him just the motivation he needed to get back to music which is truly where his heart lies. After talking with one of his inspirations the Grammy Award winning powerhouse Monica, it was clear that if she decided to take her career into a new direction independently then he could do just the same. Within no time Laban got back in the studio and teamed up with producers Alex “The Conductor” Plummer and Bobsley Jimmy to work on his long awaited debut project alongside songwriters Jamia Nash & Yotti. Get into his latest singles ‘Miss Out (One Time)’ and ‘Is It Better When It’s Wrong’ which is just a taste of so much more to come from the rising star who is finally ready to shine bright in the spotlight.

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