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Rising star Moe Isaac has finally found his place back in the spotlight. The Bronx,NY native is no stranger to this music thing, but his time away from the scene has truly proven to be a blessing in disguise. Every now and then we come across an artist who truly makes a shift in what we think is r&b, but the beautiful thing about music is that someone’s art can totally give you a new perspective on what we love about this genre. As a kid his earliest memory of music would be of the iconic Michael Jackson performing ‘Billie Jean’ and in an instant he knew this was his destiny. Now growing up in the era of Hip-Hop clearly made a huge impact on the rising star at an early age but it was also his love for 40’s music that truly gave him an edge as a growing singer/songwriter. Most kids usually just stick to what is current on the radio but it was obvious that Moe Isaac wasn’t like the rest of them. While singing during the week in his music class at school, it was on his off days that a family friend would have him in the studio building his craft as a singer. As he continues to develop his gift it was clear that his voice was special when his teacher requested that he perform ‘Summertime‘ the George Gershwin classic from ‘Porgy & Bess‘ at his fifth grade graduation.

In that moment it was obvious to all around him that music was truly his passion and when the time came to go to High School he knew that LaGuardia was exactly where he needed to be. The prestigious school of performing arts which was worldwide known due to the success of the hit film and tv series ‘FAME‘ produced some of music & Hollywood’s finest and it was clear that Moe Isaac the as destined to follow in their footsteps. Within time Moe knew that attending this school was a life changing experience for him. The world as he knew it was a completely different place as he was surrounded by so many other who loved the arts like him and till this day he says that school literally saved his life. The talented scholar took advantage of all the school had to offer and ended up forming a r&b quartet ‘Beyond Music’ with his classmates who were slowly but surely making a name for themselves in NYC. The group won amateur night at The Apollo 3 times and were taking meetings for a possible record deal, but as they were graduating HS life and other educational opportunities forced the fellas to split up. Now for most artist they would feel like this was the end, but this was just the beginning for Moe Isaac to take center stage.

As a classically trained singer, his years of working on his gift truly helped him as an artist which allowed him to not only sing but write and produce his own records as well. This triple threat began to put together his own project with the help of his former manager as his slowly but surely started to gain a fanbase in the NYC area. Performing sold out shows was a no brainer as he took meetings with execs and released his own projects independently. In 2009 he dropped his critically acclaimed ‘This Ain’t R&B‘ as he fused Hip Hop and r&b together to create his own special blend which definitely made him stand out, but then Moe suddenly took a break from music and focused on his personal life and other endeavors which slowly pulled him away from the spotlight. It would be another 6 years before he released his next EP ‘Love On A Spaceship‘ which gave listeners a taste of his growth as a singer , songwriter and producer all while becoming a successful entrepreneur in his own right.

It unfortunately would be another 8 years before anyone was able to hear new music fro Moe Isaac as he focused on his family and career, but the one thing about a true musician is that their love and passion for music truly never dies. In 2020 Covid-19 took the world by storm and changed our lives forever but even in the midst of chaos many have found quarantine to be just the setback they needed to rethink and rebuild. Now although work and taking care of his family was still a priority, the extended time at home allowed Moe to tap back into his creative mode and get to work on new music which has been long overdue. He first released the thought provoking and emotional project ‘Unmixed Unfiltered Black AF’ which was truly what the world needed to hear due to all the racism and racial injustice that has plagued the black community for centuries. It was just the right time for Moe Isaac to take a stance and let his voice be heard after such a long wait but this EP was simply a breath of fresh air. Now the triple threat has decided to share his latest project entitled ‘The Fader‘ which is his most personal body of work to date and clearly he has a lot to say so we can only imagine what else he has in store for us. Listen to & download just a taste of what’s to come from Moe Isaac who is truly back and better than ever below.

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