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St Maarten a small island which is split into 2 sides from the French & Dutch and only consist of 75,000 in population seems so small when your read about it but once your there the experience is larger than life.The Divi Little Bay Resort has to be one of the best places I have ever stayed on an island. Not only was the decor beautiful on the outside but the rooms were perfectly designed for comfort. We were welcomed with gifts just about everyday but what really stood out was the staff who were just as pleasant.

The food at the resort was delightful but the amenities is what took the cake. The beach alone was relaxing but the infinity pool and jacuzzi’s were to die for . Now if that wasn’t enough we had access to the Gym, Jet Ski’s and my favorite the Spa. Indulgence by The Sea is a must have if you make your way to their resort , trust me you won’t regret it. Mark my words whenever I do have the chance to come back to the island , I promise you there is nowhere else better to say.

Each day on the island we had the pleasure of dining at different restaurants courtesy of the tourism board which we wee eternally grateful for. Some of my favorite spots to eat included Taloula Mango , Cheri’s Cafe , Hollands House & Rancho Restaurant. Now I can be the pickiest eater in the world but they all had menus which were easy to choose from which included American , Mexican , Italian & Sea Food Dishes prepared to anyone’s liking . Now I must say the two that stood out had to be Taloula Mango because not only was the food great but the ambiance was beautiful with the beach just in walking distance from our table . Cheri Cafe on the other hand had some of the funniest yet entertaining host I have ever come across. That restaurant is a must as soon as you step into the island.

If that wasn’t enough, Janelle of the Tourism board made sure we had a chance to see so much of what the island had to offer and for that I can’t thank her enough. We had a chance to enjoy a visit at the Loterie Farm where we not only had lunch but we had the option to go Zip Lining , Hiking or to enjoy the beautiful pool which I most definitely did. The ambiance alone will take your breath away but just being there is an experience in itself. I recommend anyone to go there just to relax or have fun.

Before coming here I never heard of a Water UFO but that didn’t stop me from trying it out . The UFO stands for Unbelievably Fun Object and thats exactly what it was. You can either go alone or with a partner/instructor on the craft which can only be steered by your body motion. Now it might take some work but trust me it’s well worth it. Only in St Maarten is this available , because it the first of its kind so best believe if you make it over there stop in Phillipsburg for an unforgettable experience.

During the trip we were lucky enough to visit the market place where different vendors sold clothing, art, food and other assortments but some of the best places we got to visit were the Guavaberry Emporium , St Maarten Nectar & Toppers Rhum warehouse. The reason why i say this is not only because we were able to take home some freebies (gifts) but we had the chance to see some of the islands more popular companies. The Guavaberry Emporium had an endless amount of product to indulge in from the Rums, Liquors, honey, hot sauces & more. St Maarten Nectar smelled like heaven as soon as you walked in its doors and the natural products which range from soap, oils, lotion, shaving cream , candles & more are a must have for any trip on the island. We had to bring some home especially after getting a chance to speak with the owner and her small team of 6 who make the magic happen. Last but not least was the Toppers Rhum warehouse where we got to see how one of the popular drinks on the island came to be and how the factory works on a day to day bases. We not only got to look around but we got a chance to taste test some possible new flavors that might hit the marker soon. Check out some of my audio clips from talking with the owners about their companies as they shared with us the process of getting their product out onto the market.

I honestly cant express how incredible of a trip this was and how thankful i am to The Tourism board for having me. I think words can only explain but so much of the trip so i had to include pics and video of this experience. Once you watch i guarantee you will want to make your way out here for carnival. i will gladly recommend this trip to anyone in a heartbeat, so until next time heck out what really went down in one of my favorite islands St Maarten below.

St Maarten Nectar

St Maarten Nectar

St Maarten Nectar

Toppers Rhum Factor

Toppers Rhum Factor

Dave of Toppers Rhum talks with us about the company



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