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Super Star Bruno Mars covers the latest issue of BILLBOARD Magazine on stands next week. Take a look at the cover above and see what he has to say about his new found fame, his past drug use and his future goals.

Being on the brink of superstardom: “It’s a rare thing that happens,” he says, a packet of cigarettes and a smartphone resting by his feet, “especially in this day, where it’s real hard to sell albums. I’m traveling to places that I’ve never even heard of and there are all these people singing the songs back — and English is not even their first language. It’s like, what the hell happened?”

About his growing fame: “When people fall is when they’re like, ‘OK. Now I’m here, what’s next? A clothing line?’ That’s not what I’m trying to do.” His website contains a modest selection of merch, including hot pants, T-shirts and wristbands. But he’s firm. “It’s like, ‘Don’t be a slut. Remember your dream. Do your music and keep it special.’”

About his past drug use: Mars’ February charge for cocaine possession is discussed with similar frankness, and apparent humility. “It’s something that I wish would go away,” Mars says. “It’s a cloud that constantly follows me no matter how many achievements. I’d like to move on. To show that I’m here for my music. Not to be in a tabloid.”

Future plans for his career: “I’m itching and jonesing to get back into the studio,” he says, “and fantasizing about doing a side project.” No firm plans for that exist, but he’s looking around. “I’m such a fan of how Jack White and Danger Mouse get down and put these bands together. I’d love to be the drummer in a band that I’m producing, and sit back there and have someone else sing,” says Mars, who has recorded vocals for Jay-Z and Kanye West’s forthcoming “Watch the Throne” album, but says he doesn’t know if he’ll appear on the final record. “Whether I’m on it or not I’m pretty sure it’s going to be awesome.



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