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Popstar Rihanna was spotted out in Montreal last night heading to Mc donalds in an all black sexy outfit which of course had to be see thru just for the paparazzi lol. Were gonna assume Mc Donalds was just a pit stop before heading somewhere else., but eitherway she still looks good while doing so.

All of our MOST TALENTED GREATS are being hated on now, BECAUSE of Jealousy. The untalented, the fat azzes, the big fo heads, cant compete, so they pay their pathetic countrymen american hating fans to try to hate away the competition. They tried to hate away Chris Brown. They try to hate away Souljah, They try to hate away Ciara. They have succeeded in knocking Kanye off of his pedestal. Bey let them trick her into taking a break, so they could take over. Our greats have to stay strong, pray a lot and be careful of who they take advice from and befriend.

They try hard to confuse by pretending to be white. Afterall a confused person runs around in circles, it messes with the mind if you arent strong, and brings on depression. Depression saps your creativity. That is what they hope for.

Letting them know they’re getting to you, by going on a rant only encourages their evil work. They stay on the internet looking for those they can tear down.

Posted On: June 14th, 2011 By: gino



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