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So if you didnt know Lisa Raye & Stacey Dash are starring inn VH1’s new series entitled Single ladies. Well things almost looked good until now.Reports from set are that the two beautiful actresses almost came to blows on set recently. I dont know how Queen Latifah who is an executive producer on this project is feeling about this but im eating it up lol.

The Ladies at TheYBF recieved this from their sources on set.
“I am an actress and I have the privilege of working on the set of “Single Ladies” which is a great new show coming to VH1 in May. The cast consist of Stacey Dash and LisaRaye. I have always been a fan of Stacey Dash but after being on set and seeing Stacey I have to say beauty means nothing after seeing how she acts. She’s antisocial and mean. She doesn’t speak to anyone and as soon as the scene is done she immediately takes off to her trailer until the next take.

I think she’s a good actress but who knew her personality was so horrible! last night she and LisaRaye got into it big time. Now we all know that LisaRaye don’t take no shit and while on set, Stacey Dash wasn’t doing her part correct on set. When the director came to correct her (Stacey), and LisaRaye agreed, she stuck her hand up to her giving her the hand!!! Yes Girl! I just knew Lisaraye was going to to punch her ass like she did the girl in Player’s Club! lol LisaRaye was cool about it but let her know to get her Mother Fucking hand out of her face!


Girl you should have been there! lol NO ONE seems to like her on set not to mention there was a note left on her door that proves what i’m saying…”

If you havent already check out the shows Trailer

Thanks to TheYBF for the inside scoop



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